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Fire/Desire: The Songwriter's Curse

I was puttering around the house last night, singing Lou Barlow's lovely "Pearl" and I was suddenly stopped in my tracks, muttering, "Oh my God, Lou's a fire/desire victim, too."

It has occurred to me recently how many fine songwriters, both well-known and obscure, have given in to the temptation to use "fire" and "desire" in a rhyming couplet, despite what a tired cliché it has become. A few others who come immediately to mind are Matthew Sweet ("In Too Deep"), Bono ("Desire"), Chris Mars ("Before It Began") and Victor Krummenacher ("Maybe a True Love").

I'd love to compile a list of other offenders. Can anybody help?

Update: A quick Google search revealed three more prominent offenders just in the first three pages of search results: Jimi Hendrix ("Fire"), Metallica ("Fuel") and Bruce Springsteen ("I'm on Fire"). But, I still beg you, please pass along your own discoveries!

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