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Atget, Before and After

Lens Culture presents a fascinating photo essay by Christopher Rauschenberg in which the photographer documents Paris scenes originally photographed by the great Eugene Atget. Though many of the structures remain, it's clear that the city's vaunted streets now lack their once-teeming vitality.

Having photographed all of these scenes, it is clear to me that the Paris of Atget’s vision is still there and available to eyes that look for it...most of all, you can see that the magical streets of Paris are now thickly covered with parked cars.

I'm not sure that going from horse carts to Renaults is necessarily a sign of progress.

(Link via Backwards City.)

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We had a good time photographing "Saul Bellow's Chicago". What struck us was the absolute proliferation of condos, absolutely everywhere. It was absolutely unbelievable.

Posted by: brian at Jan 9, 2006 10:57:37 AM