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I Dedicate This Next Song to Myself

Not sure what the above title [1] means other than a vague reference to narcissism, but the winter 2004/2005 issue of political/philosophical zine "The Die" published a letter (.pdf file, jump to page 3) I wrote regarding a Texas Republican student group's "watch list" of liberal professors. The list implicitly criticized professors who (in my own words) "use their classrooms to 'promote liberal agendas,' indoctrinate students, and fail to present 'opposing viewpoints' in their classes."

"The Die" is always a very interesting read. Editor Joe Smith now appears to be publishing the zine exclusively online due to budgetary considerations. The latest issue (#9) is now available online here, along with several previous issues.

[1] The line is a snippet of dialogue spoken by Michael Stipe during an R.E.M. live show, which Camper Van Beethoven spliced into the middle of "She Divines Water", on Our Beloved Revolutionary Sweetheart.

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