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The Pile

Yes, there it is, in all its terrifying glory. My "to read" pile. Top to bottom: Dreiser, Trevor, Trevor again, Morris, Vonnegut, Capote, Conrad, Haruf, Toews, Farrell, Ehrenreich, Burroughs, Davis, Levitt and Dubner, Potok, Rubenstein, Scheeres, Holand, Trow, Conroy, Agee, Eugenides, Zinn, Hollander (ed.), Least Heat-Moon, Mark, Beijbom, Thompson. 28 books, and that's just my (mostly) recent acquisitions. It doesn't even include anything from Julie's library that I want to read (Marquez, Steinbeck, more Vonnegut...), books of my own that I've been meaning to re-read (Sherlock Holmes, Poe, Terkel, Invisible Man, Never Come Morning...), the half-dozen-plus literary journals I've acquired over the past year but haven't read yet, or several hundred volumes at my local library. And the really scary thing is that it's always expanding--in fact, since I took this picture Monday night, the pile has already increased. (Ander Monson's Other Electricities arrived in the mail on Tuesday.)

I've decided that maintaining good health is now my biggest priority--because I'm going to have to live until at least 95 to have to the time to read everything I want to read.

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Ahhh -- I see you never returned Freakonomics to Amanda after I finished it. And did Bait and Switch make it back to my pile?

I'm glad you don't keep this stack on your bedside table -- there could be a terrible accident! Like the guys with the newspapers.

Posted by: Julie at Oct 27, 2005 12:05:49 PM

Son, you ain't got nothing on the 300 or so in my pile(s). Yeah, 300.

Posted by: ed at Oct 27, 2005 1:01:41 PM

Ed, out of respect for my sanity I intentionally refrain from binge-buying at library sales. Your stupendous haul from the Big Book Sale earlier this month was, all by itself, bigger than my entire to-read pile. I bow before you in awe.

If the rest of you doubt the intensity of Ed's buying habits, I refer you here:


Posted by: Pete at Oct 27, 2005 1:37:10 PM