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Reader Feedback

Sometimes I think all of these blog postings of mine are just lonely cries in the wilderness, that nobody really cares about what I have to say, that it's having no impact on anyone.

And then along comes this email, slicing through my despair like the proverbial hot knife through butter:

Dear Pete,
I do not know you, nor have I seen photos, but I am willing to wax eloquent on your intellectual superiority and your physical beauty to all comers. Why? Because in a fit of pre-holiday boredom I just googled my own name, and found your June 04 comment on my one and only story in The First Line. You dubbed it "hilarious." Wow. Congratulations -- you are the first person to review my published work. And you were very kind. Thank you, sir.

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

--Chris Akeley

My pleasure, Chris, and best holiday wishes to you as well. Your story "Victory" (which I glowingly mentioned here; sorry I was so brief) is the most memorable one I've come across in The First Line so far.

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