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night rally.

I finally got around to reading night rally., the sadly defunct literary journal. This eclectic journal was the labor of love of Amber Dorko Stopper, one of Julie's online colleagues (they're both avid knitters), who sent Julie several old issues a while back. The issue I just finished reading (vol. 1 no. 2) was quite interesting, with a wide range of topics:

+ The odd fiction of comic icon Andy Kaufman. "The Assassination" was particularly good--four parallel narratives which pleasantly leaves unresolved the question of who pulled the trigger.

+ The diary-esque poetry of Sharisha G., which reads somewhat like Our America: Life and Death on the South Side of Chicago, in verse.

+ Excerpts from acclaimed zine The Duplex Planet, which consists of intriguing interviews with nursing home residents.

+ A roundtable discussion between Amber, contributing editor Lisa Annelouise Tomer, Another Chicago Magazine managing editor Sara Skolnik and writer Gwen Cope, who talk about the role of lust in creative writing, the value of dayjobs and writing as an avocation, and postmodernism versus plagiarism.

+ A very funny fiction piece by Andrew Ervin, "Diz Lives", which tells the story of an American expat in London who finds himself living in Chinatown and writing intellectual fortune cookie messages. He's prone to sitting in restaurants, eavesdropping on people at other tables to hear his messages read aloud. An angry Chianti-fueled bender leads to an ill-advised message-writing session ("You Will Be Blown Up By the I.R.A.") with predictably disastrous results at a restaurant the following day.

All in all, night rally. was a very satisfying read. Based on the sad plight of the journal, I would imagine Amber has quite a few old issues she'd love to sell you, so contact her here if you're interested. Highly recommended.

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I'm interested in contacting writer Gwen Cope to find out if she is a childhood friend of mine who I've lost contact with for several years now. I'd really appreciate an answer back if at all possible. thanks

Posted by: Mary Ralicki at Jan 19, 2006 2:56:18 PM