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I’m very happy to see the recent return of Calumet 412 (“A pictorial love letter to the city and people of Chicago”) after its year-plus hiatus. This wonderful 1967 image of Marina City (by Yale Joel) is quite timely - Julie and I are buying a lakefront condo in Chicago as a weekend getaway, so soon we’ll become occasional high-rise people, too. Though maybe not as stylish as these folks.

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“Comedy is the highest order of art, because it has to encompass tragedy or it’s not funny. You’re uplifted, but not in a saccharine way. You see all these truths of life, big and small, in their routines. In allowing us that, clowning is like the greatest sacrifice.” - Geoff Sobelle

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“A boy becomes a man when he discovers there are ways to make a mark in life other than burning his tire tread into the highway.” - Pearl Swiggum

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At HILOBROW, John Hilgart reflects on how the music of the obscure 1990s band Acetone got him through a difficult period in his life. The band’s history took a tragic turn (which I was unaware of until just now), making his narrative even more compelling. I know a few Acetone songs from old CMJ sampler discs, and they’re quite good. Years ago I even went on a record store quest for one of their earlier albums. But I didn’t find it that day, and the band faded from my consciousness.

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The big day is here. My new story collection, Where The Marshland Came To Flower, has hatched and is now taking its first tentative steps into the big outside world. It's available in paperback for $6 (a steal) on Amazon, and in e-book for free (REALLY a steal) on Smashwords. If you'd like to have a signed paperback but don't expect to see me in person anytime soon, just hold off on buying it and I'll arrange to get you a signed copy soon. The book was eleven years (off and on) in the making, and I'm very glad to finally see it in print. A few of the stories are among the best stuff I've written so far, I think.

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“You may burn my books and the books of the best minds in Europe, but the ideas those books contain have passed through millions of channels and will go on.” - Helen Keller

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