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"...signs and portents..."

Joseph Mitchell recalls his friend Ralph Ellison.

I remember a conversation I had with Ralph the last time I saw him, which was at a party celebrating his eightieth birthday. It was held in a restaurant on the Upper East Side. I arrived early and so did Ralph and we went to the bar and ordered martinis. Ralph asked, "How’ve you been?" And I said that reading the New York Times was beginning to get me down, and that I was seeing all kinds of signs and portents in it. I said that invisible man fought his way out of invisibility but that I was afraid he was in danger of becoming invisible again. Ralph laughed and it was his old-time deep, hearty laugh, which pleased me. "You never got over the depression, did you Joe?" he said. "No I did not," I said. "Nor did I," Ralph said, "But this is an excellent martini—almost as good as the ones Fanny makes. So let’s drink these good martinis and talk about those signs and portents some other time."

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Catching up. I'm no martini fan, but I love this exchange, which would also work with a glass of wine or some bourbon.

Posted by: Michael Leddy at Jul 7, 2017 9:57:55 PM