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Summer of Classics update

My review of James T. Farrell's Studs Lonigan trilogy is now up at Goodreads. I've been wanting to read the books for a long time (ever since my mom, a native South Sider, told me of reading Studs Lonigan on the sly as a teenager), and I'm very glad I finally did, though the books were far from perfect.

I'm a notoriously slow reader, and really didn't think I'd finish reading Lonigan before the summer ended, but to my surprise I finished last week. So, to keep the Chicago vibe going, I started Sherwood Anderson's debut novel, Windy McPherson's Son, the majority of which is set in Chicago, around the turn of the twentieth century. Not surprisingly, from what I've read so far, Anderson (best known for the seminal Winesburg, Ohio) beautifully depicts Sam McPherson's boyhood in a small Iowa town, and it will be interesting to see how well Anderson delivers the Chicago passages.

This might be the last Summer of Classics book I get to, since my job is shifting to the suburbs next week and I'll be losing my prime reading time on the train. But if I have time, I'll squeeze in George Ade's comic novel Artie (also set in Chicago) before the end of the month.

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One day I will get a chance to reread the Studs Lonigan book. I promise. It's so long ago that I last (first) read them. Close to 50 years?

Posted by: Richard Grayson at Aug 13, 2014 6:52:38 PM

The Library of America edition is a well-designed, handy compilation of all three books. Though I'm disappointed it doesn't include an essay discussing Farrell's life (just a chronological outline) or the context and impact of Lonigan.

Posted by: Pete at Aug 14, 2014 5:21:19 AM