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"Stand in for Shane."

Nigel Bird, from his short story "Dirty Old Town":

It was like my birthday in reverse. They gave plenty and I ended up with less than I started with. For the time being, I’d lost the sight of one eye, one front tooth and a button from my favourite jacket. I didn’t mind - it was about time I got myself a few new clothes and the missing tooth just made me look interesting.

I reckon I’d make the perfect front man for the Popes should Shane MacGowan pop his clogs. We’ve been laying bets on him dying before Christmas every year since ’86, and we’re still losing money. I could do it. Stand in for Shane. I know all of the songs and can’t hold a tune. What more could they possibly want?

This passage gave me a good laugh this morning, especially after having listened to the Pogues yesterday on St. Patrick's Day. Nigel is a fellow Kuboa author (this story is from his debut collection, also called Dirty Old Town) and I've had the collection on my phone since last year, but hadn't read it yet. I forgot my regular book at home today and wanted to read something on the train that was more substantial than surfing the Internet, and I came across Nigel's book in my library. Good reading so far.

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