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Fading Ad: Falstaff Beer


My friend Marie Carnes posted this fantastic fading ad for Falstaff Beer, on the side of the Brooklyn Tavern in Springfield. I'm calling it a fading ad because although the bar is still in business (and in the news), Falstaff has been defunct since 2005. I'll always remember Harry Caray drunkenly waxing poetic about the glories of Falstaff during Sox games on Channel 44 during the seventies.

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Three decades ago I remember seeing a Coca Cola sign on a storefront in the Soulard area of St. Louis. It was made of small tiles, and it was in German.

Posted by: Paul Lamb at Aug 8, 2013 5:19:01 AM

In German? Extra cool.

Posted by: Pete at Aug 8, 2013 7:18:34 AM