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The McClelland-Marx Summit

Ted McClelland insulted [1] 1980s pop star Richard Marx online, which irritated Marx so much that the two eventually held a sort of summit meeting at a neighborhood tavern in Rogers Park. Here's McClelland's pre-summit assessment of Marx:
Richard Marx — author of the 1980s pre-prom ballad "Right Here Waiting," the 1980s prom ballad "Hold on to the Nights," and the 1980s post-prom ballad "Endless Summer Nights" — was not just far outside my musical tastes, I thought he was ear cancer. I was convinced Richard Marx was a poor man’s Kenny Loggins who had written "Hold on to the Nights" after consulting with a marketing team who told him the cassingle could be sold to 18-year-olds at tuxedo rental stores and dress shops.
And his opinion of Marx didn't exactly change after meeting him. Funny piece, well worth your time.

[1] That is, Marx felt insulted. The comment wasn't an insult. Truth hurts, baby.

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Hey, my brother lives in Rogers Park!

Posted by: Paul Lamb at Jan 9, 2013 5:37:06 PM

Tell him to keep on the lookout for menacing 1980s pop singers. Apparently Marx isn't letting this drop, and is still making mild threats on Twitter. Here's McClelland's Facebook status from yesterday afternoon: "I’m going out. If anyone sees a black Jaguar trolling down Eastlake Terrace, call me."

Posted by: Pete at Jan 10, 2013 9:20:47 AM