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Campbell, De Grazia and Uncle Terry

Yesterday The Rumpus posted a marvelous conversation between Bonnie Jo Campbell, Don De Grazia and (as a delightful bonus) Campbell's beloved uncle, Terry Herlihy.
Campbell: Whenever I run into somebody who’s read my book, I’m surprised. I used to figure that I’d have to give a copy of my book to everybody I met, so that they would read it. But now sometimes they’ve already bought a copy themselves, and maybe they’ve even read it. Weirdly the writing experience has not really changed that much except it used to be that I was busy because I had to work a couple of jobs to earn money, so I didn’t have time to write. Now I do different work, teaching and running around visiting universities and bookstores, and that prevents me from writing. But it’s nice to be wanted as a writer.
Campbell comes across as such a fascinating mix of the intellectual (she has a masters degree in mathematics) and salt of the earth (she lives in rural Michigan and raises goats), that it makes me want to read her acclaimed novel, Once Upon a River, even more than I already did. The book is now skyrocketing toward the top of my reading list.

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I saw that book and considered it. Time to re-consider it.

Posted by: Paul Lamb at Nov 12, 2012 6:25:38 PM