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"...Wrought the light from blighted rhyme, Warped the chord in common time..."

This is really cool: Jeff Sypeck's Looking Up: Poems from the National Cathedral Gargoyles which is, as the title implies, 53 poems (with accompanying photographs) inspired by the gargoyle sculptures at the National Cathedral in Washington, DC. The poems are traditional and formal in structure (the author is a medieval scholar, so the archaic tone of the poems seems quite fitting) and very interesting. And the author is donating 75% of the profits to the cathedral to repair damage from the 2011 earthquake, so it's even for a good cause. I really love these sort of object-inspired writing projects (and have indulged in several myself), and it's always great to see one get published.

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Thanks for the kind words, Pete. I feel like I've undertaken the ultimate niche project--formal! local! print only!--so I'm extremely grateful for the link.

Posted by: Jeff at Oct 18, 2012 8:20:27 PM