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Save Prentice...or at least build your own


The local architectural preservation community is quite astir with Northwestern University's planned demolition of Prentice Women's Hospital, a wonderful modernist structure designed by Bertrand Goldberg. Northwestern claims that the now-vacant building is functionally obsolete (the hospital has been relocated), especially given its intention to build a new medical research facility on the site. (Never mind that the university has given no timetable for when construction on the new facility would even start, or that it already owns a large vacant lot right across the street.) I'm siding with the preservationists - surely someone can figure out how to save and re-use Prentice - but I'm not optimistic, given how powerful an institution Northwestern is, and the fact that the ward alderman and mayor are both leaning toward allowing demolition.

You can show your support for Prentice by joining its supporters' Facebook page. And if all else fails and Prentice is doomed, at least you can remember it with your own free 1:1000 scale, cut-and-fold model from the great people at Build Your Own Chicago. BYOC also has a model of Goldberg's best-known Chicago work, Marina City, and I hope they'll someday create models of two other Goldberg favorites of mine, River City and Raymond Hilliard Homes.

(Via Gapers Block; photo via designslinger.)

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And now Rahm officially throws Prentice under the bus:

Posted by: Pete at Oct 30, 2012 3:08:40 PM