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"It's hardly noisy."


Another South Side oddity - a small neighborhood (centered roughly at Princeton Avenue and 25th Place) that is a virtual island, hemmed in by expressways on the north and south, and train tracks on the east and west. Apparently there are many street underpasses below the expressways, so the area isn't completely isolated - but, oh, imagine the noise! Although one former resident quoted in Chicago Journal thinks otherwise:
"It’s peaceful," said Wong, "I got my friends here. And you can grab anything you want from Chinatown. It’s hardly noisy."
I suppose it's quiet in the sense that there aren't many outsiders roaring through - if you're there, you live there. And I suppose you get used to the noise - my wife and I used to live in a Lincoln Park condo that backed up to the El, and after a few months we really didn't hear the trains any longer.

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The train ran behind our house in St. Louis. We got to the point where we barely registered it. I miss that now out in faraway suburbia.

Posted by: Paul Lamb at Oct 12, 2012 5:21:58 AM

Joliet is an old railroad town, so we hear the train whistles all the time. But fortunately not running through our backyard.

Posted by: Pete at Oct 12, 2012 7:24:52 AM