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Ten Years of Metra, continued


Another casual photo from my daily Metra commute. That's my precious monthly ticket. Shortly after I first started riding Metra, I lost my ticket (left it in the holding clip on the upper level of the car) just a few days into the month, and had to buy another one, full price. That's an expensive mistake I haven't repeated.

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Yeah -- I remember being quite upset about that. Are you always the first person on the train? Or do they rain the train just for you? I haven't seen another person in these photos, which make them a little eerie. (But in a good way.)

Posted by: Julie at Aug 27, 2012 11:06:05 AM

With Joliet having two Metra lines, the other train is usually more crowded. Plus I walk forward through two or three cars to get to the front quiet car, where there's usually only one or two other people from Joliet. But it mostly fills up in Lockport and Lemont. (And there is actually another guy in this photo - near the upper left corner. If you click through to the larger photo, you can just barely see his face.)

Posted by: Pete at Aug 27, 2012 12:46:43 PM

In NYC, for my subway and bus monthly MetroCard, I get a credit card receipt that I put away when I get home from buying it. I haven't lost it but I've heard from people that do that if they have the receipt, the NY MTA will replace it within a couple of days.

I haven't taken Metra in over ten years, and I used to ride it from Lake Forest not just to Chicago but to shorter rides to Evanston and Highland Park, as well as once to Kenosha, WI, for dinner. I thought it was superior to the commuter rail in NY (Metro-North), Long Island (LIRR), NJ Transit and Tri-Rail in South FL. The trains were cleaner and more likely to be on time.

Posted by: Richard at Aug 27, 2012 3:32:58 PM