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Happy Birthday, Norton

The Norton Anthology of English Literature turns 50 this fall, and the New York Times runs a fine interview with the book's founding general editor, M. H. Abrams, and the curent general editor, Stephen Greenblatt.
Even now in its somewhat bulky form, people keep their Norton Anthology for their whole lives. And they do that for a reason. They do it because they sense that it’s not something that just comes and goes. They trust it and want to return to it. That’s something again that our culture has too little of and that the anthology has passionately served.
Count me as one of those people. Though I was a business major in college, I still have my Norton Anthology from my freshman English class, along with its companion volume, The Norton Anthology of Short Fiction, from another literature class. I continue to hang on to them, despite not having read either edition in years, simply because someday I might want to return to them. And that's enough to keep them on my shelf.

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I have mine from college too.

Posted by: Paul Lamb at Aug 27, 2012 7:08:43 PM