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Ozzy Osbourne, Neanderthal

There's now scientific proof, and Al Burian explains why it makes perfect sense.

The main thing that separates Neanderthals from Homo Sapiens, as with Ozzy and the music journalists, is language. Human beings, alone amongst animals, communicate with discrete units of vocabulary in infinitely recombinable variation, giving them a survival advantage in the long-term evolutionary sense, but not necessarily equipping them to optimally appreciate contemporary music.

Burian (Burn Collector) is my favorite zinester, though I haven't read anything of his since he left Chicago. Might be time to reacquaint.

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That was a fun article.

But the point about language also reminds us how far texting/tweeting fall below letter-writing on the evolutionary scale.

Too late.

Posted by: Shelley at Jul 30, 2012 6:28:37 PM

That's why I refuse to use Internet shorthand, or eschew proper capitalization and punctuation when writing online. We've already dumbed down the language enough as it is.

Posted by: Pete at Jul 31, 2012 1:19:17 PM