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Bar Car, 1968


Welcome to the Bar Car...Joe the bartender is eagerly waiting to mix your first martini. Metra eliminated the last of its bar cars a few years ago, although those I was familiar with weren't swanky like this one - instead, they consisted of a small service counter jammed into one of the vestibules, and with no comfy dedicated seating. The closest thing to luxury remaining on Metra is the near-silence of the Quiet Car, and we're somehow expected to be wowed by the electrical outlets and flush toilets on the newly rehabbed cars that are being rolled out in the near future. Meh. I doubt that the Jackie Kennedy-esque woman in this photo would have been impressed either.

July 25, 2012 in Chicago Observations, History, Photography | Permalink


Much like the "dining" cars on Amtrak. The glamor is gone, though the effort is there. (Actually, I found more glamor in the dining car of a rickety old train in Kenya than I've ever found in the US.)

Posted by: Paul at Jul 25, 2012 11:58:02 AM