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"...driven by curiosity about the unfamiliar..."

Timely: in The Guardian, Chris Power writes a thoughtful essay on the short stories of William Trevor.

Like Joyce (and to a lesser extent, Chekhov), Trevor contrives to bury his own voice within that of his characters, so that comments which first appear to be authorial are shown to emanate from them...Read "The Ballroom of Romance" for the first time and you might think the final lines belong to an omniscient narrator. Read it again, and you realise the inflection is Bridie's: the words not a judgment passed down, but a realisation arrived at; an epiphany.

I happen to be reading his novel Felicia's Journey at the moment, but greatly enjoyed his story collection A Bit On the Side and, from another collection, the achingly beautiful "Three People." I'm not sure whether I most prefer his novels or his stories; both are consistently wonderful, and heartily recommended.

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