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"Handicapping the Handicapped"

Just came across this gem: Seattle alt-weekly The Stranger's irreverent primer on the dubious crop of GOP presidential candidates. Here's their take on Herman Cain:
What's his problem?
He insists that as a black Republican, he's "Obama's worst nightmare." He's one of those annoying "run America like a business" douches who insists you can apply lessons learned from running a crappy pizza chain to being commander in chief of the armed forces. He's widely regarded as the best speaker in the field, though it's unclear if Republicans just say that because they're shocked a black guy can form complete sentences on conservative subjects.
Just in case you somehow needed a reason not to vote for any of these yahoos, read this. And laugh.

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My guess: the Repubs realize that they have nil chance of beating Obama in 2012, so likely candidates are rehearsing for 2016, getting name recognition and seeing what sound-bites work.

Posted by: Paul at May 28, 2011 4:09:09 AM