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Concord Free Press

Stona Fitch had already earned my lifelong appreciation, as a founding member of Boston's great and long-departed Scruffy the Cat. But now he's raised himself even higher in my estimation, as founder of Concord Free Press. It's an indie publisher, but not just another indie publisher - CFP gives its books away for free, asking only that recipients donate whatever they wish to the charity or person of their choice, and when done with the book pass it along to someone else. And those hand-me-down recipients are also asked to donate wherever they wish, with the idea that CFP's books will foster a cycle of charitable giving as they circulate. A really fantastic concept, one that proves that the death throes of publishing have not yet arrived.

The first book is Fitch's own Give and Take, for which less than 100 copies currently remain available. I already requested my copy, and am crossing my fingers that I'll get it - I've heard good things about Fitch's writing but haven't yet read anything by him. But even if I miss out on this one, I definitely be in line for the next CFP release. I urge you to support them as well.

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Just got my copy today. Did you get yours? If not, I'll send you mine once I'm done.

Posted by: Molly Gaudry at Nov 24, 2008 8:16:23 PM