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I guess it's only fear-mongering if a non-Clinton is doing it.

"It's the toughest job in the world. You need to be ready for anything - especially now, with two wars, oil prices skyrocketing and an economy in crisis. Harry Truman said it best - if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen."
- Hillary Clinton campaign advertisement, 2008, which includes images of Osama bin Laden

"If one candidate's trying to scare you and the other one's trying to get you to think; if one candidate's appealing to your fears and the other one's appealing to your hopes, you better vote for the person who wants you to think and hope."
- Bill Clinton, 2004

Indeed, Bill. I'm going with the "think and hope" guy, and not your wife.

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Posted by: Nick Ostdick at Apr 22, 2008 11:10:45 AM

Ok, Bill I know your wife is a scrapper from way back...In the face of a lot of things, she stood by you. So now it's your turn to show her some love. But, don't try to hold the country hostage with your guilt...Let us get on with the business of chosing a candidate who really does have the best interest of all of us formost in his mind...Senator Obama!

Posted by: Rose L. Tynes at Apr 22, 2008 6:52:08 PM


Posted by: Brandon at Apr 22, 2008 10:00:28 PM

Save energy and eat raw food. You don't have to heat up the stove for that. There are lots more ways to make changes than working in a hot kitchen.

I like your journal.

Posted by: Louise Kienast at May 3, 2008 6:17:10 PM