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Now, That's What I Call Literature

Non-writers sometimes ask me how the hell I come up with my story ideas. For some stories I have no answer to that question, though for most there's a specific source of inspiration, often something as minor as a brief newspaper item. A gentleman named William Ridenhour has been taking the inspiration-to-story process to an extreme--starting from nothing more than reply-to names taken from spam emails, he fictionally kills that fake person off and writes an obituary. I give you The Spam Obituaries:

Wreaks Q. Blurt 1910-2006
...At high school he was riding his skateboard when he hit a stray yak that had escaped from the city zoo. Much to the amazement of his friends Wreaks did his first ever 360 with the yak’s help. It would have been an unheard of 720 had it not been for the flagpole...

Ridenhour's wonderfully wry pieces comes across a bit like a modernized version of George Ade--if I concentrate just right, I can all but hear Ron Evry reading these obits on weekends.

(Via Boing Boing.)

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